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We Clean Oceans with Our Partner Ocean Blue Project

Reduce Plastic:
8 MILLION tons of plastic enters our waterways every year, and over 1.5 MILLLION tons of plastic waste is from plastic bottles alone! This is on top of the 150 MILLION metric tons that is already there. Many of our products are made with recycled polyester which is made from recycled PET and once had a life as a plastic bottle. Recycling is one way to help keep plastic out of the environment, but finding alternatives is even more important. Carrying a stainless steel bottle and Campy Metal Mug is an easy alternative to plastic water bottles; they will last years, if not a lifetime, and our Canvas Shopper Totes are a great to carry groceries and produce.

Say NO to plastic bags:
If you ever see us at one of our pop-up shops, we will offer you a cotton tote with your purchase that you can re-use when shopping. Request one via email if you shop with us online, and we will be happy to send you one free with your order. We do our best to try and minimize plastic as much as possible. We do our best, but we aren't perfect. We encourage you to at the very least responsibly recycle all packing materials you might receive from not only us, but with any delivery. We are working hard to come up with solutions to be sure all of our products our delivered safely and packed in an eco-friendly way.

Save future forests:
Every day, over 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is produced in the U.S. alone. Keep trees out of landfills by using our Cloth Napkins and Tea Towels instead of paper! Seedlings are purchased through Ocean Blue Project from the purchases of our Cloth Napkins and Tea Towels so future forests will exist.

Whether our travels & adventures are on beaches, rivers, mountains, or in the forests, maintaining their natural beauty and surrounding eco-system and helping Ocean Blue Project do so, is important to everyone at The Spectrum Workshop. Ocean Blue Project: Ocean Blue Project is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the world's oceans. Through public outreach, youth education, beach and river cleanups, tree planting, and environmental research, Ocean Blue Project continues to make a difference.
Visit to learn more. Ocean Blue Project