Every Purchase Removes 1 Pound of Plastic from Our Oceans, Waterways, & Forests

Ombre Cloth Napkin Set
Ombre Cloth Napkin Set

Ombre Cloth Napkin Set

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Every product purchased removes 1 pound of plastic
Our vintage style cloth napkins are printed on durable cotton twill, and only available through The Spectrum Workshop.

Printed on 100% cotton twill
10" x 10 " Luncheonette size

Cloth napkins are great for more than just special occasions! Buy as a set to use everyday, or mix and match, easy machine wash, eco-friendly

We have about 20 of these for our family of four and just throw them in the wash on laundry day. We haven't purchased paper napkins in years, and use them at home, and while camping or traveling - saving the earth while saving us money.

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Please note that due to the durability of the cotton twill, the cloth will initially feel stiff and will soften after one or two washes. We recommend washing before use.

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